About Us: Then


In 2008, the Idea of the ACFA was developed into reality by 6 owners who wanted something different than the leagues that they were all competing in. They wanted to try to minimize the bad experiences they all had by creating a league where teams had the space to grow and fulfill their visions. 


Competitive play began in The Spring of 09’ with teams from New Jersey, Pa., and Maryland. In the Fall of 10’ with careful planning, Fall Ball made The ACFA into a year-round league. The 1rst league in the country above the bottom half of the country of its kind.


Our goals are numerous as we grow into a league that is bout Quality 1rst. To everyone, quality is at the forefront but with the ACFA we promise to keep it there through all that we do. As time goes on, we hope that our family grows with those teams who want to be a part of something different and who have an interest in protecting the family. 


Thanks to all who have contributed to the ACFA in any and every way.  

About Us: The Future


In the ACFA Family, we are looking for Organic or New Growth from Cities, Counties, and Towns where we have never had teams in the ACFA or it’s been a while so that is why there are maps to display what’s open and what’s not.


We are clearly interested in:

  • A group of 3 or 4 teams where divisions are formed and rivalries and associations can still be maintained.


  • Towns that are not near major cities big or small but there is a pride to compete with other bigger locals.


  • Teams that want what we have to offer and it’s what they want!


  • Good people who love the game and liking it is not enough.


  • Teams who don’t want to cheat the game in its approach.


Our focus is on the teams in our family and never on anything else. It’s out goal to do what we can to make sure that you succeed and not fail because your failure is taken as a reflection on us all and who really wants that. I invite you to experience choices and opportunity that are exclusive to us and that you may not find elsewhere. If you are with us, then you are family. If not, we always wish you well. Never anything else. 


This is Us. The ACFA.