• KOC (Kick—Off Classic) takes place in the center of our set—up operating region which is the Mid-Atlantic Region (NYC to North Carolina) in Southern Maryland. The Primary Cities are Baltimore and Washington, DC. Each National Conference Team will be matched vs an American Conference Team unless there is an imbalance of teams on either side. 

    • All KOC Games will take place on the same date in close proximity to each other 

           so that teams can get a chance to see each other and make acquaintances.


  • ACFA Team Proximity—35 miles minimum

    • No other team will be admitted into The ACFA within 35 miles of another ACFA Team! This allows your team to develop fully without another team being close by and being a distraction to you and your team. 


  • NFL Formatted Schedule

    • The formatted schedule features your division opponents 2 times each totaling 6 of your 9 games. Subtracting KOC Game in week #1, your remaining games are 2 In-Conference Games (1 away & 1 home). This format keeps travel minimized. Aside from KOC Game in week #1, the remaining 8 games feature 7 games @ home or closely by @ your division opponents.


  • A Choice of 1 Season or Both

    • The ACFA is the only league that allows you a choice of 2 seasons or the opportunity to play both like many of ACFA teams who compete. You can try Spring Football if you don’t like Fall Football or the other way around so to speak or try both seasons which requires better planning but is very doable if you are real lover of the game allowing again the best of both worlds by playing 2 seasons in a calendar year without sacrificing the summer or winter seasons which is family time.


  • Each Weekly game is literally bragging rights!!! Each ACFA team represents a town/city/county and you will be representing where you are from as well. The ACFA’s Motto is “Represent Your Team or Town! Represent where you are from! Every week!

    • Baltimore vs Philadelphia

    • Washington DC vs Trenton

    • Richmond vs Virginia Beach

    • York vs Harrisburg


There are many features to list, but we think that the most important feature of all is being the only team being able to say that “Your Team represents Your Town” in this league and you will never have to concern yourself with not being that team. The ACFA has always been set—up this way and has been the only league that set out to set—up this way. 

Every league has good features that make them attractive and many can offer you almost anything thing they want but ONLY THE ACFA offers the features listed above which bring you the greatest opportunity to grow into the powerhouse that you want to be without another team being too close to you in the league as well as giving you that City to City weekly bragging rights game each and every week. We hope that you want the best for Your Team, Your Players, and Your Team Competition—wise on a weekly basis.



We hope to admit Your Team Representing Your Town into this Family.