The ACFA Host Committee consist of 2 teams that are at the center of the Alliance’s Area of Operation and that’s the Mid-Atlantic Region. 


Our northern most area of NYC / North Jersey is an area that is one of the greatest areas on earth from entertainment to sports to cultural activities and most definitely the greatest melting pot of ethnicities on the entire planet. No area is more diverse.


Our southern most area right now is the great state of North Carolina where life is very easy going but competitive. Sports has a culture all its own along with a hospitality that is second to none. Especially on the sports landscape.


Shortly after the ACFA’s beginning in the 09’ Spring Season, expansion and interests moved and shaped the areas from which teams aimed to compete from so it was determined that this area of Southern Maryland had become the middle of things and therefore our meetings and Kick-Off Classic (KOC) would start the season there with teams from the opposite conferences facing off against each other to do battle and counting as the first game of the season.


This committee currently consist of teams representing the Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC cities and their respective owners:

  • Washington, DC Phoenix—Tom Robinson & Coach Cooper




  • Baltimore Rams—Xavier Stukes


Between the 2 teams, they will host both the Spring & Fall KOC’s and the Spring & Fall Showcases. As we continue to grow in many ways, a lot of what we do will involve these 2 cities and teams and we do believe that these owners will put their best feet forward.


These 2 cities are iconic.


The Nation’s Capital needs no Introduction. None!


The City of Baltimore? Charm, Food, a great sports history, and a Downtown Harbor that is the envy of most of the Country.      

These beautiful cities represent a chance to do other things aside from football
on the 4 dates each year when action takes place. Football mixes with a lot of
things and these cities have pretty much everything that you could want --when the game is over.