Paul Councill has been a part of the ACFA Family since the Fall of 10’—The very first Fall Season. Paul has been with the ACFA every step of the way as we have dealt with issues, adversities, growth, and triumphs. In a couple of seasons, Paul also doubled as the league’ s back-up webmaster Before taking over full time in '12.


As a key member in all that we have done, Paul has been innovative and an asset that has more value than can be measured. As we grow forward, his staff will grow with those who come to understand where we are going and how they can contribute to the family in ways that benefit everyone.


In so many ways, Image Is Key. Paul and others to come will be there to help ensure that things keep going in the right direction. Although always behind the scenes and hardly ever visible, we know that he’s there and the effort is always noticeable.

He can be reached at or 443-617-8759 (call/text, text preferred)

Teams should always email updated:

  • Artwork - (custom made game flyers - he can help with that too)

  • Logos - (.png file, .jpeg, or vector. No pictures of logos, etc)

  • Field info - (address, picture would be nice!)

  • Contact information

  • Corrections

  • Roster, player pictures, and updates to roster before deadline