The following short list of Admittance Criteria is the 1st Step of joining The ACFA Family:


  • 35 Mile Proximity of a Current ACFA Team. 

  • No Recent Behavioral Issues in ANY LEAGUE!

  • No Past Issues of any kind with a current ACFA Team.

  • A Field with lights and the ability to play night games.

  • Your Team’s 1st Name must be the name of The City, Town, or County that you will play out of and The Last Name must not be the same as any current ACFA Team.

    • i.e.—If your team’s last name is the Pirates and we currently have a Pirates Team then you should consider a simple name change to The Buccaneers or Raiders which are also different kinds of Pirates thus avoiding a major change aside from maybe a slight logo change.    

    • No Offensive Names or Provocative Names or Insinuating names. 

  • Partial payment @ Team Interview Meeting if given an Interview.


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